Best Treats for Golden Retriever Puppies

If you want to reward your dog with the occasional treat, you’ll need to find the right ones to give them. In this article we will take a close look at some of the best treats for golden retriever puppies on the market.

Our top choice is the Wellness Natural Pet Food Crunchy Puppy Bites, which features a high-protein formula with actual chicken. These treats also contain a variety of vitamins and minerals to keep your growing dog happy and healthy. They have a completely natural formula with absolutely no artificial ingredients whatsoever.

Before you decide on any treats for your dog, we encourage you to learn about each of the following products.

How We Picked The Best Treats for Golden Retriever Puppies

As we put together our best treats for golden retriever puppies list, there were a number of key things we focused on. The first thing we looked at with each product was its formula. We made a point of selecting treats that contain an appropriate amount of protein, fat, and fiber. All of these things play a crucial role in your pup’s health and development.

We also looked at the size of these treats to ensure that they are well-suited for puppies. The fact is that some treats are simply too large, which could pose a choking hazard.

A Spotlight On Some of The Best Treats for Golden Retriever Puppies 2022:

Old Mother Hubbard Classic Puppy Biscuits

Pupford Freeze-Dried Training Treats for Dogs

Blue Buffalo BLUE Bits Semi-Moist Training Treats

Wellness Natural Pet Food Crunchy Puppy Bites

Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Chewy Dog Treats


Old Mother Hubbard Classic Puppy Biscuits

The Old Mother Hubbard Classic Puppy Biscuits feature nutritious ingredients like carrots, sweet apples, and oatmeal. These treats also contain chicken and protein to provide your dog with plenty of protein.

One of the reasons that we put this product on our best treats for golden retriever puppies list is its natural formula. There are absolutely zero additives or artificial ingredients. They are also completely grain free. This ensures that your dog’s health is not affected in any negative way.

You’ll find that these treats are quite small and therefore easy for most puppies to chew. Your dog will be able to get them done without any issues whatsoever.

Each of these treats is baked in such a way that ensures bold flavors with maximum nutritional value. They come in the shape of a bone to entice your dog even further.

Whether you want to train your dog or just reward it for being a good boy or girl, these treats are an excellent choice. They are one of the most wholesome options you will find on the market today.

With a protein content of at least 12%, these treats will help your puppy grow strong over time. Adequate protein is essential when it comes to your dog building muscle and developing properly into adulthood. These treats also have a minimum of 7% crude fat, which is also important for healthy growth.

The 5% fiber in these treats will help keep your dog regular and prevent gastrointestinal issues. They contain 11% moisture as well. This will help your dog swallow them smoothly while keeping them hydrated.


  • Contains a good amount of protein for building strong muscles
  • Decent moisture content helps keep your dog hydrated
  • Slow baked to ensure a great overall taste
  • Lots of highly nutritional ingredients like carrots and apples
  • Small enough to prevent swallowing issues with any puppies
  • Completely natural formula with no artificial ingredients


  • Some customers said there were some broken treats in bag


Pupford Freeze-Dried Training Treats for Dogs

The Pupford Freeze-Dried Training Treats for Dogs have a simple but healthy formula that consists of beef heart, beef liver, and maxed tocopherols. They have an extraordinarily high protein content of 35%, which will satisfy the needs of any growing pup.

These treats also contain 35% crude fat, as well as 5% crude fiber. This means that they are very healthy and will contribute to the normal development of your pet.

The simple formula of this product is just one reason that it made our best treats for golden retriever list. You won’t have to worry about any artificial or potentially harmful ingredients whatsoever.

We also really like the fact that these treats are made for puppies of all different breeds. They are even great for medium and large size adults. This is particularly beneficial if you have multiple furry friends at home.

Each bag contains nearly 500 treats, so you won’t have to purchase another one anytime soon. This is definitely one of the best values available on the internet today.

All of the meat that is used to make these treats is sourced in the United States. You can therefore trust that all of the ingredients are safe and high quality. They contain less than one kcal per treat, so rapid weight gain will not be an issue. They work great when training your dog while it is still young.


  • Contains very few calories
  • Simple formula is 100% natural and healthy
  • Loaded with protein to encourage strong muscles
  • Great choice for dogs of all breeds and ages
  • All meat is sourced inside of U.S.
  • Ideal choice for training


  • They are a bit too dry


Blue Buffalo BLUE Bits Semi-Moist Training Treats

The Blue Buffalo BLUE Bits Semi-Moist Training Treats feature a delicious chicken flavor that dogs can’t resist. These treats are purposely small so puppies can swallow them without any trouble whatsoever.

One of the best things about these treats is their natural formula, which contains no animal by-products or artificial ingredients. There is also no soy, corn, or wheat.

We were very impressed with the 10% crude protein in these dog treats. They are specifically formulated to help keep canines healthy. As your dog is developing in the puppy phase, it needs lots of protein on a daily basis. The 7% crude fat in these treats will also go a long way toward ensuring a healthy and normal development.

You’ll also find that these treats have a small amount of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which promote a strong immune system and mental sharpness. They can also do wonders for keeping your pet’s skin hydrated for a beautiful-looking coat.

Some of the nutritious ingredients in these treats include potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal, and fish oil. Each of these ingredients will benefit the health of your canine companion in one way or another. This healthy overall formula is just one reason that this product made our best treats for golden retriever puppies list.

If you are looking for treats for your puppy that feature natural, high-quality ingredients, these ones are worth looking at. They are packed with nutritional value all around.


  • Organic formula with a variety of healthy ingredients
  • Contain real chicken satisfy protein requirements
  • No corn, soy, wheat, or animal by-products whatsoever
  • Small size morsels are puppy-friendly
  • Features omega fatty acids for cognitive and immune support
  • Natural smoke flavor that most dogs love


  • Treats might be a bit too small for extra-large dogs


Wellness Natural Pet Food Crunchy Puppy Bites

The Wellness Natural Pet Food Crunchy Puppy Bites are delicious treats well-suited to all different breeds. They contain DHA, which has been proven to help with overall cognitive function. It will also help keep your pet’s immune system strong as they age.

There are a variety of highly nutritious ingredients in these carrots, including spinach and carrots. Both of these foods contain antioxidants that can go a long way towards keeping your pet healthy. The omega fatty acids that are found in the flaxseed will keep their skin and coat healthy and looking great.

We really like the fact that there are only 3kcals per treat. This means that they won’t contribute to rapid and unhealthy weight gain. The 17% crude protein in this formula ensures strong muscles as your puppy develops. This protein comes from chicken meal and chicken fat.

These treats also contain 10% crude fat, which is incredibly important for their overall health and well-being. They have 10% moisture as well. This makes them very easy to get down, even for very little puppies.

Some of the vitamins and minerals in these treats include calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and fiber. The well-balanced formula of this product makes it worth considering for best treats for golden retriever puppies. These nutrients come from ingredients such as cranberries, blueberries, apples, sweet potatoes, dried kelp, and bananas.


  • Well-balanced formula has everything your puppy needs
  • Packed with a variety of vitamins and minerals
  • Omega fatty acids will keep your dog’s coat and skin healthy
  • Contains DHA to promote optimal brain function
  • Ideal ratio of protein to fat
  • No risk of rapid weight gain


  • Leaves greasy residue behind on hands


Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Chewy Dog Treats

The Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Chewy Dog Treats features an all-natural formula that is good for your dog overall. It features salmon as well as chicken liver among other ingredients. This will give your dog a high dose of protein, which is necessary for maintaining their health. Protein is absolutely crucial when it comes to ensuring strong muscles.

One of the things we really like about these treats is that they don’t leave behind a greasy residue. This means that you won’t have to deal with a big mess when you are handling them. They also break apart quite easily for maximum convenience.

The whole grain formula that this product offers is just one reason we put it on our best treats for golden retriever puppies list. It doesn’t contain a ton of excess calories, so your dog won’t gain too much weight from them.

Each bag of this product contains a total of 360 treats. This ensures that you get your money’s worth. They are made entirely in the USA under the strictest quality control standards.

These treats are made for all dogs regardless of age or breed. They offer one of the most nutritious and well-rounded formulas on the market today. You can use them to train your dog and reward them for all their hard work.


  • Each piece contains only three calories
  • Doesn’t leave behind any greasy residue
  • Can be broken into pieces very easily
  • Bags contain 130 pieces each for a great overall deal
  • Contains real chicken liver for high protein formula
  • Made in USA to ensure high quality production standards


  • They have quite a strong smell


Best Treats for Golden Retriever Puppies Buying Guide

Best Treats for Golden Retriever Puppies

When you are trying to find the best treats for golden retriever puppies, there are many different factors to consider. We have put together a list of criteria below that will help you choose the right ones for your dog.

Protein and Fat

The very best treats for golden retriever puppies will contain the right amount of protein and fat. It is very important that you buy treats that have a perfect balance of these two nutrients.

We recommend treats that have around 10% protein and about 7% fat. This will help to ensure that your dog stays healthy as it continues growing into adulthood.

Protein makes up a crucial part of every dog’s diet, as it is responsible for the development of strong muscles. Dogs also need a good amount of fat, but not too much. Excess fat in their diet can lead to obesity and a variety of serious health issues.

There are many different sources of protein in dog treats. You’ll want to look for ones that are made with real chicken and/or salmon. Both of these foods are very nutritious as a whole.

Natural Formula

You definitely need to make certain that the dog treats you buy for your furry friend have a completely natural formula. You’ll find that the best treats for golden retriever puppies do not contain any artificial ingredients. They also shouldn’t feature any soy, corn, or wheat.

You should also avoid treats that contain any amount of sugar, as it is simply not good for dogs. Many of these products have a lot of junk/filler ingredients, so it is imperative that you take a close look at each one.

Vitamins and Minerals

There are a number of vitamins and minerals that the dog treats you end up purchasing should have as well. Calcium is an important mineral, as it will help keep your dog’s bones strong.

Vitamins A and E are also worth looking for when you are taking a close look at each product’s formula. These vitamins support healthy vision, muscular function, heart health, and immune response.

Fatty Acids

Once you start looking into the best treats for golden retriever puppies, you will notice that quite a few contain fatty acids. Omega 3 and 6 amino acids offer a plethora of potential health benefits.

They will help with keeping your pet’s skin and coat healthy as it gets older. You will likely notice the improvement in how their coat looks and feels over time.

There are a few ingredients in particular that contain lots of omega fatty acids. You’ll want to look for foods like flaxseed, salmon, and fish oil.


Don’t forget to look at the number of calories in each treat when you are reviewing your options. The ones you buy for your pup shouldn’t contain more than 3kcals each. This will prevent excess weight gain, which can negatively impact your pet’s health in many ways.


It is also important that you get the best possible value when searching for the best treats for golden retriever puppies. You will therefore want to find out how many treats come in a single bag. This will help you get your money’s worth, which is especially important if you are on a tight budget.


The size of the individual treats is yet another factor to keep in mind when tracking down the best treats for golden retriever puppies. They should be small enough to where your dog won’t have any problem swallowing them.

Make sure that the treats you end up buying contain a good amount of moisture as well. This too will make it easier for your puppy to get them down. It will also serve to hydrate them, which is also very important.


You should even consider the packaging of each product before deciding to buy a certain one. The packaging should be secure and airtight to ensure total freshness. This will ensure that they don’t get hard or stale too quickly, which is crucial.


As you seek out the best treats for golden retriever puppies, you’ll need to pay close attention to each one’s formula. We recommend buying treats that have a good amount of protein and fat. They must also contain a variety of vitamins and minerals. A well-rounded formula is essential for keeping your pet healthy. Feel free to drop a comment below so we know what you think about our list.

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